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    Post  Vexxed on Fri Jan 30, 2009 6:17 pm

    Hey people, I am Vexxed. The forum Owner/Admin. I have a goal for this forum, but it's all up to users if that goal is achieved. I want to offer a community oriented place for people to get GFX, post their GFX without feeling pressure. If you can make a background and add some text, you are welcome to post your work here without being degraded! I also would like to keep the whole thing more or less geared at beginners. If you are willing to help teach beginners the help would be greatly appreciated.
    I work in artistic areas ranging from drawing, to 2d abstract, right on up to 3d human model animations ( even was a tattooist for about 10 or so years ). I think that qualifies me to make a forum. I use more software then most, and 90% of the software is free! Roam around the Downloads Area a little and you might just find some helpful links. Cool
    I have had a few forums in the past, some booming, some deader then dead. I would personally rather have 10 members that post on a regular basis then have 1,000,000 members and no 'active' members.
    Well, I have said enough.
    Thank You for choosing Design Fx!
    The Owner/Admin

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