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    Request Rules!



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    Request Rules!

    Post  Vexxed on Tue Feb 03, 2009 7:53 pm


    This will be blunt and construed as rude. Too bad!
    Please use common sense here. We are NOT going to 'merge' an image of you with a star or anyone! Copyrights are a big deal here! Get it? Got it? GOOD! Lets move on!
    When making a request be as specific as possible! Include font face and color. Include images via a "LINK!" ( NOT to another sites images either! ) to any special images your want in the request! State what the image will be used for, a sig, an avatar, a banner ETC....Post size requirements.

    The Admin & Staff of Design FX reserve the right to edit, modify, change, add too, remove from, or adjust this COC in ANY for WITHOUT NOTICE!

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